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The ICT enabled library houses approximately 20,000 books and publications with records maintained meticulously. It is just not a place for quiet reading, but gets transformed into an arena of frenzied competitions every year. A library week is celebrated when various competition are held for students commensurable to their age. Bookmark creating, Story pyramid, Story writing, book review, treasure hunting and quiz competitions are organized in which students take part with their characteristic zeal.


Computer Lab

Three labs with 40 systems in each cater to the students of classes 1-X with a separate lab for +2. Every class has the number of computer                                         enough to give them hand-on  practice needed at their level. The school has opted to make it a mandatory additional subject at X when it was offeredas one by CBSE. This year on it has been made compulsory giving ample credit to our foresight.

 It is offered as an optional subject, IPE, in +2 that has been receiving overwhelming response from students.

Students participate in Cyber Olympiad and other time to time competitions and projects related to Computer knowledge and come with formidable accolades.


Science Lab

Apart from Practical labs, students quench their heuristic inclinations in the Digi labs by going beyond the lessons and by making models of the                                concepts they learn in the class. The lab also serves as an excellent platform for seminars and symposiums.



Math Lab

One of the Digi labs is fully devoted to Math that serves as a practical lab too, where the children work with their hands translating difficult                      Mathematical  and Geometrical concepts into easy-to-understand practical solutions.    



DIgital Labs

There are nine Digi labs equipped with appropriate software to cater to all subjects. The manual lessons in the class are                                                             complemented in these labs    either through pre-fed exercises from available software or the ones developed by teachers.





The school has a network of transport system covering a radius of 32 K.Ms across the city. The vehicles in the fleet are kept in order by keeping a        close check on its functioning and by servicing them periodically. Busses and vans that are roadworthy and in fine condition only are allowed on roads. 

Drivers are handpicked on the basis of their driving skills, experience and neat track record apart from possessing valid Heavy Vehicle Driving license.