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Nurturing Tiny tots to blossom in to responsible citizen blended with Vedic Principles and tradition of Arya Samaj and yet updated with globalization is the basic target of D.A.V.Public School, Safilguda, Hyderabad.  Established in 1983.  D.A.V. School has been beacon light for all wonderful children whose potentialities are tapped and blossomed it to the core.  The school is technologically equipped with Ultra Smart Board and reach out to the core so as to enable them to face the challenges.  Curiosity and inquisitiveness of the children are aroused and exposed them to creativity. D.A.V. School, Safilguda is one among the torch bearers of 920 D.A.V. Schools in Pan India with 60,000 staff and 25 lakhs students.  
The needs of changing times have necessitated corresponding changes and today we are the proud recipients of British Council’s International School Award 2016-2019.  We are proud that our alumni has carved article for themselves in the world.
D.A.V. School, Safilguda is only fewest schools which has lush green grassy huge ground with  2 acre land  for the children to play to the fullest. 
‘When educating the minds of our youth,
We must not forget to educate their hearts.’
- Dalailama
Today, children in India are growing in more challenging and demanding environment.  The rate of change in every sphere is rapid with the enhanced knowledge exchange and technology development, the world is growing flatter.

Globalisation demands a new dimension to our approach to education we thus have to recognise the need for a globally relevant education.  The school curriculum is oriented such that students embody self- confidence and ‘out of the box’ thought process.  A wide range of multi-dimensional activities are organised which go a long way in propelling a self -belief, confidence in decision making and problem solving along with chiselling of soft skills.  Community service is an integral part of the school and out school students embrace community service with enthusiasm and joy.
At the D A V Public School, Safilguda, while promoting academic excellence, we shall constantly safeguard and nurture the sensitive human being in every child, involving ourselves and all stake holders effectively, uniformly in our endeavour.
"Thought is the bud, language the blossom
Action the fruit behind it "
- Ralph Waldo Everson.